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>         The U.S. Department of Defense announced that North
>         Korea test fired a long range ballistic missile at
>         about 03:00 GMT on August 31. The missile apparently
>         landed in Russian waters in the Sea of Japan. At the
>         time, Japanese experts estimated that this launch was
>         the first test-flight of North Korea's new Nodong 3
>         Medium-Range Ballistic Missile.
>         But on September 5, The Korean Central News Agency
>         (KCNA) reported that North Korea had successfully
>         launched their first artificial satellite. According to
>         these reports, only the first and second stages dropped
>         into the ocean, and a third stage placed the satellite
>         in orbit.
>         According to a catalog of recently launched objects,
>         maintained by U.S. Space Command, the last satellite
>         put into orbit was "Astra 2A" on August 29th. No new
>         satellites have been cataloged since then. The
>         worldwide network of tracking stations, sensors, and
>         cameras under U.S. Space Command control are capable of
>         measuring any new satellites orbit only hours after its
>         launch.
>         However, a September 5 report from the Itar-Tass news
>         agency quotes a Russian official confirming the launch
>         of a North Korean satellite into high orbit, not a
>         ballistic missile. As of Friday September 4, U.S.
>         intelligence officials were still checking and could
>         confirm or disprove the North Korean claims.
>         The North Korea report also claims "the satellite is
>         now transmitting the melody of the immortal
>         revolutionary hymns "Song of General Kim Il Sung" and
>         "Song of General Kim Jong Il" and the morse signals
>         "Juche Korea" in 27 MHz. This radio band is allocated
>         for use by the general public in the United States,
>         known as "CB radio" (or Citizen Band), used mostly by
>         commercial truck drivers and radio hobbyist.
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