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North Korean Satellite?

A friend of mine, who is not on this list, sent me this as an E-mail.
Thought I would share it with the list.  It is interesting.

The Associated Press

S E O U L, South Korea, Sept. 4  North Korea denied
today that it launched a ballistic missile this week,
saying it successfully fired into orbit its first artificial
satellite, which it described as "scientific."

U.S. officials say North Korea test fired a two-stage
Taepo Dong 1 ballistic missile on Monday that flew across
northern Japan and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. The
first stage landed in the Sea of Japan.

A North Korean Foreign Ministry statement criticized the
United States and Japan for making a "fuss" over the
North’s launch of a "scientific satellite."

Japan, U.S. Warned
"Some people ... are making a fuss, ignorant of this
valuable success of science and  technology," the
statement said.  They suspected it to be a ballistic
missile launching test, expressed some ‘apprehensions’
and described it as ‘a serious event.‘

But the North also said that its rocket capacity can be
used for military purposes and warned the United States
and Japan to stop any hostile moves against it.
Particularly, the forces hostile towards the DPRK (North
Korea) must be mindful that their attempt to lead the
DPRKto a change will bring them nothing but destruction,
the statement said.  According to the North’s official
Korean Central News Agency, the satellite was launched
Monday on a three-stage, domestically developed rocket.

The timing and sites where the first two stages of the
rockets fell coincide with the American and Japanese
times and locations for what they described as a
ballistic missile.  Our scientists and  technicians
have succeeded in the first artificial satellite
aboard a multistage rocket into orbit, KCNA said.

Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi said he doubted the
rocket carried a satellite. If it was launched, I guess
Japan’s technology could have already picked it up, said
Obuchi.  What kind of satellite is it?

Useful for Future Satellites

The North’s news agency said it would contribute to
promoting scientific research for peaceful use of outer
space and be useful in confirming calculations for future
practical satellites.  The satellite, it added, is now
transmitting the melody of the immortal revolutionary
hymns ‘song of General Kim Il Sung’ and ‘Song of General
Kim Jong Il’ and the Morse signals ‘Juche Korea’ in 27MHZ.
Juche, or self-reliance, is North Korea’s guiding philosophy.

The North’s claim comes a day before the Marxist country’s
newly elected parliament was to elect leader Kim Jong Il
as its head of state.  The launch of the rocket manifests
the iron will and indomitable spirit of our party, army
and people who are working hard for the greater prosperity
of the country, pulling through difficulties, the North
Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Copyright 1998 Associated Press.

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