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Re: North Korea satellite launch?

Think about it a minute, Bill.. you're launching a satellite
that will be used as a propaganda device (the Great Patriotic
music and the morse message extolling the virtues of the 
Great Leader - thanks BBC!) and want it heard by the masses...
what better place to park the transmitter than 27 MHz. Why,
there are millions of radios around the world capable of 
listening in on that frequency, probably moreso than any other
non-broadcast frequency!

Makes perfect sense to me!

At 10:35 AM 9/5/98 EDT, Pasternak wrote:

><< Radio transmissions are reporded around 27MHz. >>
>Now who is kidding who?  Maybe we should get the guys at the local "truck
>stop"  with their '10-4 good Buddy" sets to go out and take a listen?

R. Wayne Day  N5WD   wday@cq.net          Fort Worth, Texas
 EMT/Paramedic - MedStar (AMR) Fort Worth

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