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Re: North Korean "Bird"?

If the satellite is really up there, we should be able to find it...

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From: Tak Okamoto <ja2pki@AMSAT.Org>
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Date: Saturday, September 05, 1998 12:35 AM
Subject: [amsat-bb] North Korean "Bird"?

>Have you heard any signal from the first North Korean

If anyone hears the 27 MHz signal, we should begin reporting AOS/LOS times
and observer locations.  If we can put together a set a Keps, we could
"mobilize the tracking network."

>Broadcast of North Korea reports that they launched
>a satellite named "Unban (spell?)" meaning "silver plate"?
>on Aug. 31st with a a multi stage (3stages) launch vehicle.
>It reports;
>Launch        1998 Aug 31 12h  7m (Korea time UTC+9)
>from North Korea at 86degrees (does not mean inclination).

86 degrees could be the azimuth.  Do we have an estimated launch location?
If we have launch and/or staging impact coordinates, I could probably
produce a reasonable first set of Keps.  Otherwise, they're likely to be
somewhat "rough" and would require a larger +/- listening window.

>Separation          ,,          12h11m53s
>Perigee height    218.82Km
>Apogee height  6,978.2Km
>Period              165.1sec

Very useful information -- units on period are minutes [hi].

>Beacon             27Mhz (broadcasting music and morse code)
>No information about mode of modulation.

Ken Ernandes

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