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P3D 10/24 Ghz downlink LO's

Do you have a need for a microwave phase locked oscillator
as a local oscillator in your transverter ?

I am offering for sale these "brick" LO's using Frequency West
models MS 74 XOL and MS76 XOL crystalled and tuned to
where you need it.

Possible LO' frequencies include:

for 10,451 Mhz P3D downlink:
IF = 144 Mhz for LO of  10,307 Mhz
IF = 145 Mhz for LO of 10,306 Mhz

for 24,048 Mhz P3D downlink:
IF = 144 Mhz LO of 23,904, divided by 2 = 11,952 Mhz brick osc
IF = 145 Mhz for LO of 23,903, divided by 2 = 11,951.5 Mhz brick osc

Other possible freqs for terrestrial modes include:
IF=144 Mhz LO of 10,224 Mhz, RF of 10,368 Mhz
IF = 145 Mhz, LO of 10,223 Mhz

Other LO's may be available for your IF
If you are interested in these oscillators, please contact me.

doublers and mixers for the 24 Ghz band are available from DB6NT
or SSB electronics, domestically

Price is 100$ US, guaranteed.
availability is a few weeks after your special xtal is ordered.
Crystals are premium International Crystal Mfg units.

Stan, WA1ECF   Cape Cod, MA   FN41sr

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