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Satellite Times Gone

Hi All. I just got my September issue of Satellite Times and was saddened
to see that it is the last issue. Due to high costs and low subscription
numbers it has been decided to stop the magazine. 
It was one of the few magazines that I read cover to cover. Being fairly
new to satellites, I learned a lot from the articles each month. Not only
amateur radio related, but radio astronomy and space in general.
I'd like to say thanks to Larry Van Horn, Phil Chien,Jeff Lichtman, John
Magliacane and the other  folks  for many enjoyable hours. And thanks to
Bob Grove for giving it a try.
 I was wondering if anyone has found any other magazines that may help
fill the void. Of course I get the AMSAT Journal, and read the occasional
articles in the other amateur radio magazines. I used to buy a magazine
called Spaceflight ( I think it was put out by the British Interplanetary
Society) but have not seen it in any book stores for a couple of years.
 Is there anything  written for radio astronomy? I haven't seen much, or
am looking in the wrong places. Any suggestions you can give will be
appreciated. 73 de Doug KA8QCU
email ka8qcu@juno.com

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