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Separate power supply for receive preamp?

Question:  How desirable is it to power your receive preamp from a
different power supply than your transmitting amplifier?

I power up both my 70cm and 2m amps when operating Mode B or J, because I
use the receive preamp in the downlink-frequency amp.  I only use about 40
feet of 9913 coax, and this in-shack arrangement works well for me. I run a
20 amp Icom PS-30 power supply for the transmit amp, and a little Radio
Shack 2.5 amp supply for the brick being used for its receive preamp.  I
just switch plugs depending on whether I'm operating mode B or J.
Obviously, I don't transmit on both amps at the same time.

I am thinking about re-arranging my shack to have more room on the
operating table.  This would involve moving the brick amps to a nearby
shelf.  The least awkward way to do this is to move the 20 amp supply to
the same shelf and power both "bricks" with it.  But  previous experience
on HF tells me this can lead to transmit RF or power supply loading
affecting the receive device.

Before I start moving things, I'd just like to hear from others with

Thanks and 73 from KD7MW,
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