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NTBP#10 Launch Announcement

                   BALLOON LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT                      

The North Texas Balloon Project will attempt to launch its second high
altitude balloon experiment carrying amateur radio payloads of 1998 on
5 September. The payloads carry a variety of radios and instruments that can
be easily used by any amateur with a Technician's license or above.

The launch will be from Clifton Municipal Airport [7F7] located 70 miles
south of Fort Worth, TX at approximately 9:30 AM. In the event of inclement
whether, the launch  will be delayed to the next day.  There will be a
pre-launch net at 8:30 PM on the Ft.Worth 146.76 repeater the evening before
the launch. The morning of launch there will be an HF net on 7.155 MHz
+/-QRM. The Net control station will be W5IU.

Approximately two hours after launch, the balloon is expected to reach an
altitude of 89,000 feet before burst. At this altitude the area of
will be about 370 miles in any direction for a total 740 mile communications
range. In past missions, there have been QSO's between Corpus Christi, TX
and Salina, Kansas.

The following is a list of the available experiments onboard:

Crossband FM Voice Repeater:
Uplink     446.000 MHz
Downlink   147.560 MHz     

Packet Telemetry:
Downlink: 144.390 MHz APRS Format
GPS telemetry information in APRS (NEMA) format will be beaconed every
30 seconds. The packet format is the common 1200 baud AFSK found in all
TNC's. The digipeater callsign will be KG5IE-11.

Precise longitude, latitude and altitude data will be provided by a modified
Garmin 45 GPS receiver. An active GPS antenna furnished by "Radioland" will
be used.

Parrot Repeater:
Simplex 146.500 MHz
20 seconds each record, ID & playback

1.2 GHz 2W FM ATV on 1255 MHz Circular Polarization
Color CCD video camera pointed 30 degrees below horizon

QSL's can be had through KG5IE via the Callbook address or via internet
e-mail at "kg5ie@flash.net".

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