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Hi, folks.

  Well, as expected, the sat station for ITU PP98 is evolving. I need
feedback on this current planned configuration from those who have used
some or part of the setup. I want it to be as close to fully-automated
as possible for the 9600 baud digital birds:

IC-275A w/120W RF-Concepts amp if needed (see coax length below)
IC-475H, mods done for 9600 baud
SSB 432 mast-mounted preamp
130' of coax/rotator cable runs (each)
Hy-Gain sat pair of antennas
G5400B rotator
10' solid fiberglass crossboom
SatTrak IV rotator controller
PacComm Tiny-2 MK-2 TNC
PacComm MC-NB96 9600 baud modem board
WiSP16 running on a 486-DX266 under Win 3.1

Need suggestions on:
* Coax/connectors (is 9913 REALLY the choice?)
* Do I need a KISS EPROM for the Tiny-2 or will the standard be OK?
* How does WiSP, the SatTrak, and the ICOM CI-V interface 
* Is the Doppler in this setup best handled by the SatTrak or are
  there up/down outputs from the MC-NB96?

Thanks for any feedback. 

Best 73's
--Paul Beckmann, wa0rse@amsat.org
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