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Re: Chit-chat on AO-27 [Was: FN45 on AO-27]

In a message dated 98-09-01 14:59:25 EDT, kd6pag@h207-21-75-37.theos-
software.com writes:

> You definitely did better than 3-5 mintes; fine job, Mike.  Good signal
>  from Vermont into Califonia.  Alas, there was alot of chit-chat, so i
>  don't think we made contact.

Thanks John. As I was driving into Norton to set up, I decided to see if there
were perhaps a better site a little further down the road. I'm glad I
continued because there was a Rest Area with a super 'look' to the west.
That's where I set up. It was still in FN45CA. That's the reason I was into
the bird for the extra time.

BTW, I heard your callsign just as AO-27 dipped over the horizon.

The final tally of stations worked was 26. Equipment used:
Arrow Antenna tripod mounted
ARR 70cm preamp
Diamond Duplexer
Yaesu FT-470 HT
Radio Shack 25 watt 2M amp (running ~20 watts)
All equipment powered with a 6 amp Gel Cell.

As far as the chit-chat, I really don't mind as long as the stations try and
keep it short and leave a pause so I can squeek in. The thing that really
bothers me is the QRM from south of the border and also stations that are
using the uplink on 2M as a simplex frequency. They are on AO-27 without
realizing it! Every time I do a satellite talk now I stress the bandplan.
We're really fortunate up here in the Northeastern US. AO-27 comes out of the
North and we get a nice clean shot at it with minimal traffic. especially
during the European passes. It's still a real hoot to talk with G1OCN, or
G8ATE or the many other European stations I've worked.

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
"A closed mouth gathers no feet."
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