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Re: Chit-chat on AO-27

Hi Edson, John and everyone,

I think what John was talking about was non-liscenced people
that are using amateur gear and frequencies for comercial business.
Probably taxi drivers or truckers.

I understand that in Guatamala(?) some amateur frequencies were
auctioned off by the government to comercial interests so that will
be another source of trouble. Not to mention the trouble they have
with this in Europe.

If John heard a Mexican amateur on the bird he would want to work
him and get a card for the new and rare grid. I know I would love to
work some of those grids down that way.

As for John's earlier coments about chit-chat on the bird... I think it
is the mark of an inexperienced or poor operator to hog the satellite.
Especially given the nature of it's single channel and FM capture

I know that when I first got started on the birds I was just listening to
the downlink on Dove and AO-21 and trying to save the money to
get more gear.

I monitored a fair number of AO-21 passes and listened as two
guys used the bird as their personal intercom for several days in the
afternoons. I could hear others trying to get in but the two bulldozed
anyone who tried. Talking about how their tracking programs were
working and other things like you might hear on your local terrestrial
repeater in the evening. A shameful waste of such a limited resource.

I also note that one of these stations is now an Amsat area
coordinator. I certainly hope he has improved his operating skills by
now.  ( No, I am not going to mention the callsign. )

The operating practices I heard on AO-21 prompted me to skip that
bird and put my effort towards getting on mode A.  RS-10 became a
near and dear friend of mine and I never looked back.

I feel bad now that I never made  a contact on AO-21 before it
croaked and would like to make at least one contact via each bird
while it is available.

John has been after me to work him on AO-27 for quite a while now
and one day we will, but probably during the week and not on a

73 de Greg KB4NVD

Greg KB4NVD  EM86 in Tennessee
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