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circularly polarize help

Hi Everyone,

                I hope you could help me building a circularly polarized
antenna that don't need azimuth elevation rotator to work with u0-22.
I'm planning to homebrew my terrestrial antenna to lower my cost in
building my satellite system. I'm still in the verge of familiarizing
how satellite acts so I need to homebrew some stuffs like antennas.
               I heard that uo-22 could be work out with a quadrifiliar
helix and lindenblad antenna.. Is this possible and efficient if you
want to try the store and forward side of the u0-22.
               Azimuth elevation rotators are difficult to find here in
our country and it is very much expensive. So I decided to build an
antenna which don't need rotator to work with the pacsats.
               I hope someone could help me with this project. Satellite
operation is not very popular in our country because of the cost of the
equipment needed specially working with uo-22.
                Thank's in advance.


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