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HP palmtop summary

The following is a summary of responses I recieved concerning tracking
software on the HP Palmtop:

The 100 LX is the earlier version of the one I have. I have
successfully run the "no coprocessor" version of Instant Track on mine
for years. I have decided to stick with it, as the new PalmPC is such a
difficult bastard to get anything to run on. Love the HP!!!

I know n7sfi is using a great program in a xl100 I hope he will see this
and respond. he is busy working on a new satallite. try emailing him

The 100XL is DOS based right?  IF it is any of the DOS tracking programs will
work on it.

I run QUIKTRAK on mine. I terminate the builtin applications and exit the
System Manager so I can run it in DOS with CGA graphics.   You can get
QUIKTRAK from the AMSAT office. InstantTrack will run in text mode but the
graphics will not display.

  I'm using REALTRAK which is available as real95.zip from the AMSAT BBS
software area, under HP95LX software.  I'm using it on the HP95 (the
predecessor of the HP100)  but it also works on my 386 PC and my Pentium
PC at home.  It uses a scrolling 40-column text display.  It has a choice
of tracking algorithm (SGP4, SGP8 etc.)  I HIGHLY recommend it!  It's
quite small, and easily runs on the HP95 without only the internal ram. I
don't have a flash memory card at all, either.
  (The only comment I have is that the documentation that comes with it
failed to mention that the environment variable TZ needs to be set in your
autoexec.bat file.)

I use STS Orbit and Predict on my HP200LX. Both should run well on the 100LX.

I have an HP 95LX and run InstantTrack (ITCNP) without the graphics.  While
the screen is too small to see all the numbers at one time, you can use the
right & left arrow keys to see the rest of the numbers.

There is a program on the AMSAT software download site which is designed for
use with the HP 100 series. I don't remember its name, but I saw it there
about a week ago.


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