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Re: AO27

   Does FN45 have a name?
   Some of us live in or near a city that has been named.
   I for one have not a cule where  FN45 is.

   John, N0AJF

It is a 2 degree by 1 degree rectangle including parts of Maine, Vermont, 
New Hampshire, and the province of Quebec. (Of which i only have Mike's 
home state confirmed).

   > Subject: [amsat-bb] AO27
   > Date: Sunday, August 30, 1998 10:20 PM
   > <<<<<<While on vacation this week, I plan to activate FN45 on AO-27 on
   Tuesday (and maybe Wednesday) I will be on the 1010 and 1149 UTC passes

Are you sure that isn't local time?  Here's what i get for Rutland in UTC:

Tue 01Sep98  14:09:16 14:15:52 14:22:35  00:13:19   30  92 154  18.8  DDD 25707
             15:48:31 15:55:55 16:03:27  00:14:56    9 286 207  58.1* DDD 25708
             17:29:22 17:34:29 17:39:44  00:10:21  350 306 262   8.5  DDD 25709

Wed 02Sep98  13:43:00 13:48:39 13:54:18  00:11:18   38  88 136  10.2  DDD 25721
             15:21:26 15:28:58 15:36:46  00:15:20   14  92 193  82.7* DDD 25722
             17:01:53 17:08:04 17:14:15  00:12:22  356 300 246  14.9  DDD 25723

So, Mike, if you could possibly try the third pass either day, it would be
gratefully appreciated!  I should have no problem on the third Wednesday 
pass, as it's 11 degrees out in California and my new homebrew antenna is
good at least down to 8 degrees with obstructions (and i've got a clear 
path east). I'll give you CM86 in return someday (if not something better).

   > Please be so kind as to explain for those of us that are new to the
   > I understand the UTC time but what does the rest mean?

I think i covered some of that already.  For those that don't know about
UTC, it used to be called GMT, and is now called UTC, which corresponds to
'universal coordinated time' (or something like that).  For example, it's
now 00:33 PDT, which in UTC is denoted as '07:33Z', with the 'Z' suffix
being an abbreviation for UTC.  Like the HF'ers, we use UTC because it's
often the case that the two stations involved are in different time zones.
The 'bird' goes over roughly the same time (generally within about 5-10
minutes) if it's even above one's own horizon, so we can describe a given
pass by the local starting time in UTC, and everyone knows to correct it for
their local pass's starting and ending time).  So if Mike referenced the
17:30 pass, then i would know that corresponds to the pass which begins for
me at 17:33Z (10:33 PDT).

I hope that helps some of you, and i hope to talk to you again soon, Mike.

			73's and good luck,

			   -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie)

P.S.  Please consult 'http://qsl.net/kd6pag/AO-27.passes' and suggest a time
if anyone wants a sked. to CM87, with other local grids possible with given
suitable planning.
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