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Public AMSAT displays!

Here is how to make some nice PUBLIC INTERRACTIVE AMSAT displays:

Next time you see a pile of junk keyboards at a hamfest for $1 each,
pick up some and go inside and bring out an 8 conductor cable about 6 feet
long to 4 brass doorbell buttons on a nice wood panel.  You can use this
to make "interractive" public displays.  (Hide the keyboard  out of site
for SYSOP use only)

For INSTANTRACK, Connect the left and right buttons to the left and right
ARROW keys for cycling through all satellites, and the other 2 keys are
"F" for toggling on and off the FAST Mode and the SPACE bar for stopping
and starting the display..

This turns any old PC into a nice stand-alone interractive display system.
I have one running INSTANTRACK in the Naval Academy Visitors Center and
they tell me it is one of the most popular things they have!

THats why to pick up several old keyboards and wire one for INSTANTRACK
and another for APRS, or other programs that have HOT keys...  FOr APRS,
hook the 4 buttons to the "3", "5", "7" and "9" hot keys.  THen the public
can call up any one of 4 pre-saved views of whats going on in APRS.  I
usually have one map for the whole USA, one for local, and one for the
Atlantic so they can see where the Academy boats are...

At a recent Marathon, I had a few such PC's that the public could use to
see 4 different map views of the APRS tracking maps to see where the key
runners were (LEAD, HNDCPTD, FEMALE, PACK, and LAST)


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