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FT847 CAT Update - Frequency & Mode data

I thought this might be interesting for the community on this BB

All FT847's after 8G05xxxx seem to have this update, see other messages
on Ray's WebBoard

Now... when will I buy mine...


CAT Update - Frequency & Mode data

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Posted by Jay W1EMT on August 05, 1998 at 08:15:18:

Got the following information from Yaesu this morning:


To poll the radio, send 4 dummy bytes followed by P1, where P1=03
for main band status, 13 for Sat. RX band status, and 23 for Sat.
TX band status. See the manual for how to structure the commands.

Radio will return five bytes, Data 1...Data 5.

Data 1 contains the 100 MHz and 10 MHz frequency digits
Data 2 contains the 1 MHz and 100 kHz frequency digits
Data 3 contains the 10kHz and 1kHz frequency digits
Data 4 contains the 100 Hz and 10 Hz frequency digits
Data 5 contains mode indicator flag, where
00=LSB, 01=USB, 02=CW, 03=CW-R, 04=AM, 08=FM
82=CW(N), 83=CW(N)-R, 84=AM(N), 88=FM(N)

Example: 432.100 MHz USB would be returned as follows:
43 21 00 00 01

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