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Re: geostationary packet sattelite

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     Certainely a good idea, but when I see the mess on the MIR packet 
     repeater, I am wondering what will be the result .
     I have already had the idea and ask. The answer was that the owner of 
     a geostationary satellite would prefer to ad 1 kg of properlant to 
     increase the life time of the satellite of 1 minute! ( or 1 month) to 
     get more money from the use of the payload than to put 1 kg of payload 
     that he can not get revenue.

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Objet : [amsat-bb] geostationary packet sattelite
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Date :    24/08/1998 17:21

Has anyone ever tried or thought of a geostationary packet satellite? All it
would be is a digi and nothing esle, a basic packet repeater.

What commercial companies are developing a geostationary bird?  maybe we
hitch a ride in one with a small digi (an ht sized transceiver, and a tnc)

it could help revive packet a bit.....

~ Chris,kc8goq~    http://welcome.to/mepin
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