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Re: geostationary packet sattelite

On Mon, 24 Aug 1998 KC8GOQ@aol.com wrote:

> Has anyone ever tried or thought of a geostationary packet satellite? All it
> would be is a digi and nothing esle, a basic packet repeater.

Yes, but the distance is 22,000 miles instead of 600 miles.  THus it takes 
1300 times more power.  SOme of this can be made up with directional
antennas on the satellite, but it usually requires larger antennas by
the users.  That is why most mobile communications systems using
satellites are putting up hundreds of LOW satellits instead so that you
can work them with a handheld transceiver.

That is also why we are tyring to get people to investigate using the 1200
baud PACSATS already in orbit for digipeating mobile position and status
data, since it will serve the mobile user very well with only his 2m
mobile FM radio and an omni antenna.


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