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I just bought an 18" DSS sat. TV antenna with an LNBF -no receiver- at my
local Goodwill store for $5 and I'm hoping someone on the list can give me
some info on it.

The dish is RCA gray but has no markings of any kind but the LNBF does.

The LNBF is made of black anodized metal with some numbers stamped in the
metal and a sticker with some info on it.

The sticker reads:

          US  KU  BAND  LNBF
         MADE  IN  UK

The stamped metal has a circle with the numbers 95 in it with several
asterisk stars next to the numbers.  1995 date of manufacture is my guess.

Next to the circle 95 are the numbers: 1303-10052
Below these numbers are the letters:  ISS
Next to the ISS is a small circle with a capital W in the center and the
number 2 to the right of the circle W.

Looks like a Westinghouse logo to me.

I pulled the protective plastic cover off of the feed and saw what looks to
be the back of a pc board.
There is a 1/16" hole on one side of the board as you look down into the
Offset from the center of the feed on the board is a 1/16" metal contact
flush with the board.

There in no rf probe in the feed. Is there supposed to be one like C-band
and other Ku-band feeds have?

I hope someone can identify this LNBF for me and answer some questions.

Is this a standard DSS LNBF?
Will it work with RCA or DishTV receivers?
Will it work as a Ku band feed (non DSS) with a TVRO sat. receiver - does it
use the 950-1450mhz i.f. and tuning voltage?

I have an older satellite TV receiver with a 950-1450mhz input but I haven't
hooked them together yet - I don't want to damage the receiver or the LNBF
if they aren't compatible.

Someone on the list some time ago stated that a Primestar dish and feed
would work as a Ku band antenna and feed with standard Ku band sat. TV

Will DSS antennas and feeds work with Ku band (non DSS) sat. TV receivers?
Has anyone out there actually done this?
Is there any difference when using RCA and compatibles or DishTV antennas
and feeds.

Can DSS systems be modified to be used on amateur frequencies?

Thanks for any info you may have.

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