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Re[2]: Solar-power plane for Amsat?

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     Here in france we are working on a project of Solar plane.
     A lot of theoritical simulation has been made by studiant and we plane 
     to start the fist flying tests this falls.
     A fly off 2000 km is schedule in june 1999.
     The airplane should cruse above 20 000 meters.
     The particularity of this project is that the aiplane is lift off with 
     a ballon that we call " Ballon Bulle d'orage" ( tunderstrom ballon).
     This ballon is often used to fly amateur electronic in france.
     This ballon is an ecologic ballon and use only the sun . No external 
     energy to heat the ballon.
     I hope that you could seen soon a description on the french Amsat web 

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Objet : Re: [amsat-bb] Solar-power plane for Amsat?
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Date :    21/08/1998 19:01

>Recently, I saw where NASA is planning to build additional solar power

Hang on... additional. Does this mean they already have some?

>for cell phone companies that would fly at 100,000 feet indefinately.  Does
>anyone else see new  opportunities here for Amateurs?   Amsat would be the
>logical organization to begin a new venture like this since it has the
>with NASA and I'd consider 100,000 feet "Space".  Planes cost about a 1
>Million, but amoratize that just about over forever and you have a pretty
>inexpensive system.

Chris, VK3CE

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