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Old Mechanical RTTY Equipment

Subj:	Green Keys Equip
Date:	8/22/98 7:48:27 AM Hawaiian Standard Time
From:	SSneidar

Sorry about this long one. But a worthy appeal. de Sid AH6HHSubj:	 ncva: 
Wenger Command Display at NTTC  Pensacola
Date:	8/21/98 6:24:59 PM Hawaiian Standard Time
From:	WLockert@aol.com
Sender:	owner-ncva@QNET.COM
To:	ncva@QNET.COM
CC:	Gus4970@aol.com, NSGFMC4@aol.com, Ltradona@aol.con

1.  The Wenger Command Display at Corry Station is looking for two old 
pieces of equipment.  These are the Model 19 and Model 20 teletypes.  
2.  The Command Display has an old Model 19 Table .  We want to 
have a communications display to go along with our TSEC/KW-26 equipments.
3.  The Mod 19 should have the "send" teletype, and transmitter-distributor
and a "receive' printer.  The Mod 20 should be the complete Mod 20 ASR
(automatic send/receive).  
4.  If anyone know where we may acquire these equipments for display, that
make an O-brancher cry, please contact Bill Lockert, at WLockert at aol dot
Telephone 850 453 7066.  Address 707 Cardondelay Drive, Pensacola, Fl 32506.
5.  Help is appreciated.  More than likely, these equipments are in some ware
house, in the back shadows, under all the dust and dirt.  
Bill Lockert
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