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Re: Tracking software for Windows CE?

    What would be really interesting is a text-only SGP4
    implementation for the Palm Pilot. There are tons of them out
    there and it would be great!

Hmmm, it need not be text-only; since i'm operating with a homebrew
hand-held antenna these days, it would be nice to have an azimith/
elevation display, and perhaps a clock to aid in logging.  Alas, the
Pilot doesn't copy my hand-writing reliably enough in 'graffiti' mode
to use for logging, so i guess i'll just have to get a portable cassette
or micro-cassette and transcribe later.  If someone can provide me with
sample code and/or the calculation routines, i might be able to come up
with something using Debian's Pilot/GCC package (which is currently in 
the 'unstable' directory if anyone is looking for it).

    has anyone heard something about Satellite-Tracking-Software or
    any other Amateur-Radio-Software for the Palm-Pilot-Organizer ?

As far as a other pilot software, there's a fairly simple morse code
training program ('smorse') but i haven't seen much beyond that.  I'd
find it helpful just to be able to download the 'short form' predictions
into the 'Datebook' (via LINUX) if anyone has figured out how to do that.
That plus the homebrew satellite-antenna-in-a-tube as allowed me to take
convenient 20 minute breaks from work to operate QRP on AO-27 (which is
actually an improvement over mobile operation, especially on the downlink).

			-- KD6PAG  ("Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie")

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