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July/Aug Amsat Journal Y2K article - More Information.

> Date: 1998-Jul-31 [Fri] 10:41:59 -0400
> From: Dunbar.Ron@oscsystems.com
> Subject: [amsat-bb] July/Aug Amsat Journal Y2K article.
> I just received the July/August issue of the AMSAT Journal
> yesterday and read all the Y2K (The Millennium Problem) material
> with great interest.  A related article on page 16, "A Common
> Date/Time Standard for Amateur Radio" was also a very timely
> piece, but this article contained two points which confused me:
> (2) On p-19, column 1, "Windows 95, NT4, 98 and etc":  in the next
> to last paragraph in column 1 where the proceedure for changing
> Windows date format to "yyyy-MMM-dd" ... in MY version of Win95,
> I find *no* such format.  The *only* entry which shows 'year'
> first is "yy-MM-dd". I checked the Canadian and British entries
> and they don't show a "yyyy-MMM-dd" choice either? My Win95
> version is 4.00.950a ...  perhaps there's a later version of
> Win95 available?  My version has updates  UPD001 - UPD008

All versions of Win 95, NT and Win 98 can already use the new format 
right now. No updates or fixes are required to use it. In the  paragraph 
above the instructions in the artice, it clearly states that 'if the 
required format isn't shown in the box, the just type the new definition 
in, in place of the one already there'.

That is, just type yyyy-MMM-dd in place of the mm/dd/yy entry that is 
already in the box. It works!

For the other people that enquired about the other (Hardware) problems 
with the Year 2000, the resources listed at the end of the article point 
to the New Scientist Web Site where a complete explanation is given, and 
the article also points to two Year 2000 Test Programs that run on IBM 
PCs to check out the RTC/BIOS/OS functions.

Check these out, you'll see it all makes sense if you read it carefully, 
and give it some thought.



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