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Re: KO-23 QRT

At 02:21 AM 8/19/1998 -0000, you wrote:
>Just a brief update that numerous other stations have also been unable to
>hear KO-23 in recent hours.

It's not the thermal overheating problem that KO-23 periodically suffers.
It is currently experiencing 35 min. eclipses each orbit, so it should be
nice and cool. Also, the postings here sound like there's no carrier as
well as no data.  Is this correct?? I haven't gotten up in the middle of
the night to listen.  I hope the IHU hasn't gone dead due to the cumulative
radiation damage.  The effects have been noticable in the telemetry as
increased current drain, and were slowly approaching critical levels as
Chris Jackson documented in the Amsat journal a few issues back....we'll see.

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