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Re: Anyone "upgrade" from FT-736 to FT-847?

Hmmm....let's put this into perspective.

I compared the 847 to the 726 and 736 and the 847 is vastly superior to both
of them.

It is not a TS-870s for HF.

The 870 has a much tighter receiver, better IF filtering and I have no
comparison to make for intermod, as I don't experience any here.

The feature set in the 847 works and works well. The rx is hot on 6, 2 and
70cm...the best I have ever put my hands on for a multimode vhf/uhf radio.

It WILL NOT replace a high end or even moderately high end radio on HF.

If I were stuck with one radio and I liked vhf/uhf but wanted hf
functionality, this would be it..847. If I were a serious SSB dx'r and
contester, no way, as the SSB filter bandwidth is too wide and the IF shift
does not narrow it as much as I would like. On cw it's fine.

It's satellite performance is unprecedented.

As far as comparing it to the 450, no contest, I prefer the versatility of
the 847. If I was only interested in HF, the 450 with all the good filters
in it would be superior (SSB, especially, as it's IF shift works better with
the narrower filters)

The DSP noise reduction in the FT-847 is better than even the 870 Kenwood.
All of the rest of the DSP functions in the 870 are better than the 847
(notch, IF bandwidth setting, etc)

So...depending on how one is going to use a radio, the choice would vary. I
consider it one of the best ham radio purchases I have ever made, but I have
an 870 still sitting here and have no intention of getting rid of it.

I have no idea about the KCT.


hasan schiers

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hasan schiers

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From: Michael A. Waldron <mwaldron@ohio.net>
To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
Date: Sunday, August 16, 1998 10:05 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] Anyone "upgrade" from FT-736 to FT-847?

>I have an FT-736R, and a Kenwood TS-450S/AT. I was considering (for sake of
>shelf space) switching over to a Yaesy FT-847.
>I plan on being active on P3D, as well as the digital sats that are up
>there now, Possibly one or two other analog birds. I haven't been able to
>get on the satellites yet, so I may ask some dumb questions.
>Basically, I do almost no HF work, butI use the 736 quite a bit for 6M
>fm/ssb, and 2mfm/ssb.  This 736 is the finest radio I've used to date,
>intermod rejection is wonderful, Selectivity is great, etc... What I'm
>asking is does the 847 measure up?
>Yaesu has chosen to put it up against the 736 in the lit. that I've
>received from them, and that's setting a very high mark.
>Also, I plan on using some of the Higher frequency modes on p3d, possibly
>receiving on 2.4ghz or higher, would it be better to use the 736 and an
>optional module for this?
>My other major concern is that I'd like to use some setup like a Kansas
>City Tracker/Tuner. I have not purchased this yet, but will it support the
>FT-847? Or will it in the near future?
>Thanks for your time.
>73's de Mike KB8VKF
>Michael A. Waldron, KB8VKF
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