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Re: Satellite questions

Hope some one more astute than myself is able to provide your answers. One
point I wanted to make is that C+No/No (C/N) is not the same as Eb/No. They
are related in that your Eb/No generally will decrease as your C/N but can
also decrease with no change in C/N. This would occur with various types of
interference, such as sweeping carriers passing thru your occuppied
frequency or transponder noise floor anomalies. Also, various coding
methods are able to improve your ability to recover data with lower Eb/No
and, consequently, lower C+No/No. 

Wishing you great success with your presentation. 73

At 12:39 AM 8/17/98 +0000, Anthony Monteiro wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>I need some info for my AMSAT Symposium talk that I have not been able to
>find. Can anyone help?
>5. What signal to noise ratio (Eb/No) is typically required for "solid" copy
>on a
>   G3RUH type (9600bps/FSK) modem downlink?
>6. What signal to noise ration (Eb/No) is typically required for "solid"
copy on

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