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Anyone "upgrade" from FT-736 to FT-847?

I have an FT-736R, and a Kenwood TS-450S/AT. I was considering (for sake of
shelf space) switching over to a Yaesy FT-847. 

I plan on being active on P3D, as well as the digital sats that are up
there now, Possibly one or two other analog birds. I haven't been able to
get on the satellites yet, so I may ask some dumb questions.

Basically, I do almost no HF work, butI use the 736 quite a bit for 6M
fm/ssb, and 2mfm/ssb.  This 736 is the finest radio I've used to date,
intermod rejection is wonderful, Selectivity is great, etc... What I'm
asking is does the 847 measure up? 

Yaesu has chosen to put it up against the 736 in the lit. that I've
received from them, and that's setting a very high mark. 

Also, I plan on using some of the Higher frequency modes on p3d, possibly
receiving on 2.4ghz or higher, would it be better to use the 736 and an
optional module for this?

My other major concern is that I'd like to use some setup like a Kansas
City Tracker/Tuner. I have not purchased this yet, but will it support the
FT-847? Or will it in the near future?

Thanks for your time. 
73's de Mike KB8VKF

Michael A. Waldron, KB8VKF


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