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Satellite questions

Dear Friends,

I need some info for my AMSAT Symposium talk that I have not been able to
find. Can anyone help?

1. What is the transmitter output power of KO-23 or KO-25?
2. What is the transmit antenna type, polarization, and gain of KO-23 or KO-25?
3. On the AMSAT web site, FO-20's cw beacon is spec'd at 100 mW but in
   the Satellite Experimentor's handbook, it says 60 mW. Which one is right?
4. On the AMSAT web site, FO-29's analog transponder is spec'd at 1 watt output.
   Is this average power or PEP? (In the Satellite Experimentors Handbook it
   FO-20 is 2W PEP.)
5. What signal to noise ratio (Eb/No) is typically required for "solid" copy
on a
   G3RUH type (9600bps/FSK) modem downlink?
6. What signal to noise ration (Eb/No) is typically required for "solid" copy on
   a PACSAT type (1200bps/BPSK) modem downlink?

Thank you very much and 73,

Tony AA2TX@amsat.org

Tony AA2TX@amsat.org
Tinton Falls, NJ

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