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TMSAT Update

TMSAT commissioning is proceeding, and we are currently testing the imaging system.  TMSAT has 5 cameras on board - a wide angle camera (WAC) similar to UO-22, 3 narrow angle cameras with a pixel resolution of approximately 100m
and image size of 1020x1020 pixels, and a video camera (which will be used for taking still images).

We have taken 5 images so far.  The first was a test over India under manual control from Bangkok, and the other images have been taken automatically under control of the OBC186.  I have initially targetted the Red Sea since it
is generally free of cloud which is useful for sensor calibration.  For the first few images we only used the WAC, and yesterday took the first set of images using the narrow angle cameras (NAC) over Greece.  Due to the size
of the images this is taking some time to download as other housekeeping and commissioning functions must also be scheduled.

I am uploading 2 of the WAC images to the web at the address below.  One is the first image over the Red Sea. This was actually under exposed and has been enhanced.  The Nile valley can clearly be seen as can the Nile delta and the different sands in the deserts of Egytp and Saudi Arabia.  The image is reasonably cloud free, and for a first image is quite nice.

The other image is taken over southern Greece and the Mediterranean Sea. The southern tip of Italy can also be seen as can Crete and Libya.

Chris G7UPN, Mee, Nong and Lit
HS0AM - TMSAT Control Station


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