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Re: Instant Track video mode switch

>..my 8-month
>old 17" ViewSonic G771 monitor is now in for warrantee repair,

Viewsonic makes excellent products.  I'm using one as I type this reply.
However, electronic gizmos can fail at any time.  (Unfortunately true of
biological entities as well.)

>the ViewSonic technician I called told
>me something disturbing.  He said that most newer video cards don't support
>EGA modes any more, and you could damage your monitor if your card isn't
>switching to this mode properly.

I put his statement in the nonsense category.  

>his video card ... a "Number Nine" 9FX Motion 331.  

I've had very bad experiences with driver bugs on #9 cards, but your
mileage may vary.  I've standardized on Matrox cards as a result.

>...I have noticed that switching from Windows graphics mode to any
>DOS full-screen mode and back often causes strange-looking things to happen
>on the screens of many computers.

Yes.  Those are, in my opinion, caused by display driver bugs.  You should
make sure that you have the latest display card driver, which you can
download from the manufacturer's web site.   

>Anyway, Franklin or Paul, if you're listening, I'd like to know what video
>mode Instant Track uses for map screens.  (My guess is mode 10, 640 x 350 x
>16 colors).


> is there really any danger with video mode switches?

No.  Multisync monitors are specifically designed to do this.

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