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Satellite equipment for sale

KC Tracker-Tuner (includes software & cable)                    $100 
Yaesu G-5400B rotor with 80ft cable                             $325 
M2 2 inch by 8 ft fiberglass cross boom                         $50
   KC tracker, boom & G-5400 rotor w/cable  (package)           $425

KLM 22CX VHF antenna                                            $75 
KLM 44CX UHF antenna                                            $75
   44CX & 22CX together (package) (pickup Arizona perfered)     $125

1 meter (3 ft) parabolic 2.4 GHz dish with 3.5 turn helix       $150 
Downeast Microwave 2.4 GHz mast mount GaFET preamp              $75 
Downeast Microwave 2.4 GHz to VHF down converter                $100
   Parabolic dish, preamp, & converter together (package)       $300

LanWhar 2m mast mount GaFet preamp                              $100 
LanWhar 70cm mast mount GaFET preamp                            $100
    2m & 70cm preamp together (package>                         $175

RF Concepts 2-317 30 watt in, 170 watt our RF amp               $225
Incluede internal GasFET rec per amp.

Daiwa CN-460 140-450MHz 15/150 watt dual needle RF SWR meter    $75 
Daiwa CN-460 140-450MHz 15/150 watt dual needle RF SWR meter    $75
    Both CN-460 watt meters together (package)                  $125

M2 EB-144 VHF eggbeater with radial kit                         $80

Spain 1.2GHz 12 turn helix (new)                                $100

10 meter GaFET mast mount preamp                                $20



Send money order to my callbook mailing address. 
All prices DO NOT include shipping cost. Add additional
$1 for every pound. Antennas shipping cost extra depending
upon shipping address. I will ship UPS next day after
receipt of your MO.


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