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QRV on Mir Repeater 8/12/98

     Hello  all... 
   Mike, N1JEZ is correct.. the Mir repeater is online.  Signals are often full scale
during the pass depending on elevation, antenna orentation, etc.  I'll be listening on  
the next two passes over the east coast at: 22:45 and 00:20 UTC.   For those who 
have not worked the machine in a while, remember to ajust for doppler on the uplink
and downlink.  For the new ops, its a good idea to check AMSATS home page for  
more info.     
      PL = 141.3
      AOS:    435.740 up     437.960 dwn
mid pass:   435.750 up     437.950 dwn
     LOS:     435.760 up     437.940 dwn
     73, Tony