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Re: Request for assistance

        Not to rain on anyone's parade but just for laughs and grins I did
some quick on the back of the envelop calcs on the difference between a
200Km ballastic trajectory and achieving a simple orbit. Ignoring
atmospheric drag, a "projectile" would need an initial velocity of 6480
ft/sec at the Earth's surface to reach 200Km altitude going straight up. To
achieve orbit the same "projectile" needs some 25666 ft/sec. Add in
atmospheric drag and the numbers go up. Doing a straight up ballistic shot
results in simplified guidance, ie just keep it going in a straight line,
while an orbital shot requires considerable guidance, flying a specific
trajectory. We're talking strap down guidance, thrust vector control, etc.
Not a trivial matter at all.
>On Mon, 10 Aug 1998, Ken Shock wrote:
>> To clear up things: the CATS cylinder is suborbital. The satellite launch
>> opportunity I'm speaking of is orbital. Its not much of a leap for several
>> of the CATS prize participants. I'm not interested in just flinging hardware
>> up and having it come straight down.
>> I have consulted in great length with both teams I'm in contact with, and
>> both realize this is to be orbital launch.
>> Ken, AB7UP

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