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Request for help


I'm in need of advice and backup for an event that is very important
to the amateur radio community at large and the OSCAR community in
particular. The ITU (International Telecommunications Union), the
world-wide body that over-sees the global agreements on spectrum
allocation, etc., is having its Plentipotentiary Conference 1998
here in Minneapolis this fall. I have accepted the task of putting
a satellite station on the air for the duration of the conference
as part of the amateur radio presence there (which will also include
an HF station).
I need to configure a station that will be able to demonstrate the
technology with an emphasis on its importance to citizen-operators
of third-world countries. I pretty much have carte blanche on the
equipment. If it is commercially available, I put it on the shopping
list and it will show up.

My problem is that I have only worked through the now-defunct RS-10
(I've been wrestling with my City for the last two years over antenna
issues and am now in Federal Court). I need one or two very 
experienced non Mode-B OSCAR operators to bounce some plans off of,
to help me through the problems that will surely crop up as I 
configure the station, and to clue me in to the nut-and-bolts of
operating something other than Mode-A. I'm not naive to the many
issues, I'm just inexperienced. Having good availability between
now and mid-October would be ideal.

If anyone is willing to step forward to assist me, please contact
me directly. Best 73's to all.

Paul Beckmann
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