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Re: Request for assistance

On Mon, 10 Aug 1998, Ken Shock wrote:

> To clear up things: the CATS cylinder is suborbital. The satellite launch
> opportunity I'm speaking of is orbital. Its not much of a leap for several
> of the CATS prize participants. I'm not interested in just flinging hardware
> up and having it come straight down.
> I have consulted in great length with both teams I'm in contact with, and
> both realize this is to be orbital launch.
> Ken, AB7UP
 The question is, though, are they planning on supplying an orbital flight
or are they after the CATS award. The leap from there to an orbital
system *is* much different, so until they've got some hardware that can
make the grade, as it where, I'd think AMSAT would be better off trying
to get together with Kistler (which is still looking for riders on their
first flight next year), or Beal or Kelly or...... All of these are
companies with real rockets that are planned to fly real missions.


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