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FOR SALE (VK1): Tower/Mast 8/15/22/29m

To those VK1s not on the "Australian Radio Amateurs - VKs on the Internet"
list, and all VK2s and VK3s, and others of an adventurous mind...
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I apologise that you are being plied by an out-and-out FOR SALE message,
but ##the reason for haste is explained in the last-but-one paragraph.##

I have bought a pair of 29m towers/masts (8m x 4 lengths extendable = 32m
minus overlap = ~29m) and want to sell one.

## Description ##
- Triangular lattice galvanised mast.
- Inside the base section are three smaller mast sections.
- Bottom section: 8m (~26ft) long; approx. ~35cm on a side (triangular);
with welded baseplate ~40cm square; with climbing steps; cranking gear for
erecting the four(4) sections 8m (~26ft) / 15m (~49ft) / 22m (~72ft) / 29m
- The smallest section has a circular inside mount for a pipe/rotator
- All four masts are fitted with guy mounts atop the mast section.
- Most/many guy wires available.
- IT'S HEAVY!  I can just lift one end to move it sideways. Under
Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) rules, it's probably a four-man lift!

Not known whether it was made by Hills of Nally. Investigating!

My asking price:
A$850  >>>> and that's negotiable <<<<

Call me:
W-(02) 62664671(ans. mach.) (Note: This is a VK1~Australian number)
EMAIL (weekdays): peter.ellis@dao.defence.gov.au

You'd need to collect it from my house by your own means, but I can
probably help you to borrow back the purpose-built trailer if you need to
get it far. ##The sooner the better, as they'll be sold at auction soon!
(and go who-knows-where!)## Yes, there are two towers. One for me, and one
for you. They came from a government department and were auctioned last
week. They were set up as self-erecting towers (with a very hefty winch and
swing-bar). The tower hinged off the back of the trailer to put the
base-plate flat on the ground, with guys set up by the operator 'in the
field'. [My wife WOULD have been unhappy if I'd wanted to leave it on the
trailer too!]

This offer will appear in R&C and AR magazine Classifieds/HAMADS in due

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