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Re: Request for Assistance - Gerard, F6FAO

Bonjour, Gerard!

Your idea for a small satellite would be great for the first launch! What
would be involved in getting ahold of one? I think it would be perfect!

At this time, due to non-disclosure agreements, I cannot reveal who is
involved. I don't necesscarily approve of this, but there is (way too) much
competition between teams. As soon as the prize is won, I can release all
details. I can say that both teams are just waiting for approval from their
respective governments, and the possibility of launching the cylinder within
the next 6-8 weeks is possible. I can also say that both teams are looking
at using launch facilities in Canada.

Thank you very much for your offer. I hope that we can work together to get
it up. All I would ask is that the satellite could be named NEOSAT 1.

Ken Shock, AB7UP
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From: Gerard.Auvray@bsf.alcatel.fr <Gerard.Auvray@bsf.alcatel.fr>
To: neosci@hotmail.com <neosci@hotmail.com>; kennethshock@mindspring.com
Date: Monday, August 10, 1998 3:54 AM
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Request for Assistance

My name is Gerard Auvray and my call sign is F6FAO and I am vice president
of the French AMSAT. We have work on several amateur satellite: ARSENE which
was a "big" satellite: 150 kg launch in 1993.

I have also built the Spoutnik 40 who was launch in November 1997 from MIR.
Spoutnik was a small satellite 3.5 Kg and was active during 50 days ( 40
days was the objective). We are currently working on 2 other project of
small satellite to be launch from MIR before the end of life of MIR. We have
acquire a good experience of small satellite and I think that we could be
able to provide the right satellite for this project. I know the CATS prize
and we had also an idea to compete to this prize but we were not able to
work seriouly on it du to lack of time .

To come back to the satellite, we have already investigated the possibility
to put ATV repeater, the difficulty is that with a small satellite we will
have attitude control , that's means that the satellite antenna have to be
omnidirectionnal with low gain and the link bugjet is low.

We would rather to propose to make the same satellite that could fly from
MIR: There is a TX at 144 MHz , power 100 mW, the digital board transmitting
16 telemetries in AX25. The digital board is in development and beging
The power comes from primary batteries ( Lhithium, the same which flown in
the Rover on MARS). THe life time is dependant of the number of batteries
and can be One or two mounths.

Could you tell me who is going to built the the Rocket and where will be be


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