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Re: Request for Assistance - Andy, WD9IYT


Yes, the first object of CATS is the weight cylinder. But most teams are
going beyond that. The prize is meant to stimulate small business in this
field. Both CATS teams I have been speaking to are building multiple
vehicles, and have plans for the future. The satellite would go up on the
third or fourth launch. I have both solid and liquid fuel vehicles available
to us.

The first time may be up then down. But all are planning to go into business
launching to orbit. Mercury started sub-orbital. So does CATS.

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> As I understand it, CATS isn't going to orbit anything, they're just
>asking that the winning rocket loft a payload to a given altitude (ask
>anyone who was involved with the last Landsat satellite the difference).
>So, fast question, if all it's going to do is a fast trip to a high
>place, followed by an equally quick trip to ground level, what is AMSAT
>getting out of it? (sounds rather mercenary, but is true question)

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