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Request for Assistance

Hello All,

Below is a letter originally sent to Keith Baker, KB1SF. He suggested I 
post this to all of you and see what happens. Please read the following, 
and the update at the end. Thank you for your time.

My name is Ken Shock, AB7UP. I am coming to you, and AMSAT for 
assistance. For several years now I have been involved in both satellite 
use and amateur rocketry. I have always had the dream of being the first 
Ham to be able to launch from an amateur vehicle. This dream can now 
become a reality.

I am a close friend of one of the people attempting to win the CATS 
(first amateur/experimental rocket in space, 200 km) prize, but the goal 
is to actually launch more than a simple weight cylinder. If I can 
provide a simple satellite, it will be launched sometime next year, 
possibly next May.

I am not an aerospace engineer, and what I know of radio and electronics 
is self taught. I believe could construct a simple satellite, but I do 
not have the resources. It must be light weight, and rather simple. It 
won't be up very long (3-4 weeks), unless I stumble upon a kick motor 

I need yours (and AMSAT's) help. I am serious about this opportunity. 
Our nation's heritage in rocketry started in the backyard and garages. 
So was the start of OSCAR/AMSAT. In this time of extreme costs and long 
waits for launch vehicles, this is an excellent opportunity.

Please contact me at your earliest opportunity. I can be reached at 
(509) 927-8931. I will be away this week at the national high power 
rocketry launch, LDRS, from Wed to Sun.

I hope that we can take advantage of this opportunity. Thank you for 
your time.

Ken Shock, AB7UP
President, NEOSci.

Since I wrote this, a couple of things have happened. I have been 
approached by another CATS team while at LDRS. I now have access to a 
launch vehicle that can get us a much better orbit. The time frame, late 
next Spring, is the same.

I have also had the suggestion that this could be the opportunity to put 
up the first ATV repeater in space. We would have around 10-20 kg of 
payload. I have a color ccd camera, and I think this would be great. 
Imagine, seeing a live picture of earth, and then transmitting a picture 
seen farther away than by terrestrial means!

Perhaps a simple sat on the first vehicle, and the ATV bird on the 
second? Many possibilities exist!

Let me know if you are interested. I am available from 6:30 to 10:00pm 
PDT every day.

Ken Shock, AB7UP

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