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license restructuring

Hello all,

I have read a great deal in the past week about license restructuring on my
local DX Cluster and heard a great deal on local repeaters and nets.  One
thing is becoming very clear.  That even if the classes are restructured
those HAMs who get more HF privledges thru less testing will be thought of
as less of a HAM by those who passed more tests.  There will always be HAMs
that refuse to welcome the new into their ranks or do so only half
heartily.  This is even present today in the different ways a Techninian
and Technician Plus are treated.  

That is what made me come to respect the amateur satellite users. Class
does not matter there.  If you are a licensed amateur (except novice) you
can do it all.  It seems that those I meet in a satellite QSO are truely
accepting of all amateurs.  I have spoken with dozens of stations and many
were Extra Class and many were Technician.  It never seemed to make a
difference.   Ironically, many of the less experienced and slightly
confused operators I worked were Extra Class trying satellites for the
first time on RS-12 (15 m up/10 m down).  I always did my best to help them
along and enjoyed the QSO, even from a newcomer.

So even if I do become a 5 wpm Extra Class next year I think I'll stay off
of HF and stick with satellites, at least for a while.

73 de K1MKF
Mark K. Flanagan
e-mail:  markf@pop.intertrek.net

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