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Re: Meteor WX Sat

>Does anyone know more about what appears to be another Meteor (Russian) wx
>sat on stream, in addition to Meteor 3/5?
>The signal popped up here (Rome Lat 41.99N Lon 12.45E) on 137.30MHz at
>98-08-06 08:35, 10:10, 21:39 UTC.
>The signal would not sync with the Met 3/5 (137.85MHz) parameters but it is
>the same 2400Hz carrier and 250mS line. It was transmitting a black frame
>on the night pass but an excellent picture during the morning passes. I
>have not been able to identify it with one of the currently available
>Meteor keps.
>Gabriel Pesarini, IKØHIT

That would be RESURS-01 #4 launched 10 July from Kazakstan.  I've not heard
it on at all over my Pacific location.  Check out:
I did a search and came up with this site.  It looks like it's a Swedish satellite?
The Remote Imaging Group site says it is transmitting on 137.400.

-Mike McCarty, KB8YHV/KH2
 Yigo, Guam

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