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Re: ERU Information on Windows 98

On Fri, 07 Aug 1998 09:24:55 -0500, Mark Johns wrote:

>Jim Shorney wrote:
>> Also, look for a program called ERU on your Windows 95 CD.  Use it.
>> Use it often.  It will save your...  er, sanity.
>OK, but what does it DO?


ERU stands for "Emergency Recovery Utility".  What it does is back up
certian critical system files, including the registry files, various
.INI files, and others, to either a floppy disk or an alternate
directory on your hard disk.  Then, if you have a system crash due to a
registry error or some other type of configuration file error, you can
do the "F8 thing" (which still works on Win98, BTW) to boot to a
command line, or boot from floppy, and run ERD from your backup
directory to restore those files.  I maintain several generations of
ERU backups on all my Win95/98 machines in seperate subdirectories
under \ERD, so I can always get back to a configuration that works. 
Every time I am going to make a change to my system (including
installing some questionable software packages), I run a fresh ERU
backup in a new subdirectory.  I also make an ERU backup of the final
"factory" configuration on all machines that we sell.  This is very
handy because I can often help a customer over the phone recover from a
system crash, saving a service call.

ERU is also somewhat customizable; you can edit ERU.INI (once you've
copied it to your hard drive) to backup any other files in your
\WINDOWS directory that you might want to save.  You can also edit
ERD.INI to only restore certian files, if you know which files got
corrupted.  Very handy.  IMHO, this is the _best_ utility Microsoft
ever made for any version of Windows... and they don't even tell you
it's there!  Go figure.

There is also a GUI-based registry backup utility called CFGBACK on the
Win95 CD that is useful, but it doesn't always work as it should.  I
have never had ERU fail.

Hope this info helps, even if it isn't satellite related.... :)



Jim Shorney                                          -->.<--Put complaints in this box
Lincoln, NE, USA

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