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Fwd: DoD University NanoSat Program


Bob Twiggs

>From: "Martin, Maurice" <martinr@plk.af.mil>
>To: "'Prof Bob Twiggs'" <btwiggs@leland.Stanford.EDU>,
>        "'Chris Kitts'"
>Subject: DoD University NanoSat Program
>Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998 11:28:33 -0600 
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>There has been significant interest expressed in this program to date.
>To provide additional clarification, the highlights are summarized
>University proposals (up to 10 pages) are due to AFOSR by 30 Sept 98
>Content of the proposals and evaluation criteria are provided at the
>website http://web.fie.com/htdoc/fed/afr/afo/any/text/any/afrba986.htm
>Up to 10 universities will be selected and receive:
>-	Free integration on deployment platform
>-	Free launch on or after December 2000
>-	$50K/yr for 2 years ($100K total)
>Objective is to demonstrate nanosat technologies with future military
>Three satellite awards will go to a coalition of universities to
>demonstrate formation flying technologies
>Universities are encouraged to team and can propose as many satellites
>as there are universities (but the division of labor and funding is up
>to the universities - e.g., one university could build satellite buses
>and the others payloads)
>Universities are encouraged to secure additional funding, hardware, and
>use of facilities from industry and gov't agencies
>University contacts and launch vehicle information is available at the
>website http://www.vs.afrl.af.mil/nanosats/
>Discussions on technology and teaming will be held at the Small
>Satellite Conference on 1-3 Sept at Utah State Univ
>The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is the executing agent for
>AFOSR and DARPA, and the two people managing the effort are Maurice
>Martin, AFRL/VSS, 505-853-4118, martinr@plk.af.mil
><mailto:martinr@plk.af.mil> , and Dr. Bill Clapp, AFRL/VSD,
>801-626-7097, wclapp@weber.edu <mailto:wclapp@weber.edu>  
>Again, please forward this information to anyone who might be
>Thank you,
>Maurice Martin
>Space Vehicles Directorate
>Air Force Research Laboratory
>Kirtland AFB, NM
>(505) 853-4118

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