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Re: Re:Information on Windows 98

Hi Bruce:

If you can find a copy of Disk Manager Vs 5.0 or later you can low-level the
drive to remove the On-Track garbage and reuse the old hard disk drive.



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Date: August 06, 1998 10:52 AM
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i have been using the same hard drive on my computer (1.2g) as
the main drive from win3.1 with ontrack disk manager on it. i
upgraded to win95 then to win98 and converted to fat32.

when i did that win98 didn't really like the ontrack overlay. it caused
access to the drive to be slow. understandable.

so i decided to get rid of the first drive and install a new 4.3 gig as
the main drive. slave drive is a 3 gig.

what i did was take all the data on drive c and copy it to a
subdirectory on drive d called drivec.

then i removed the old drive c (this way should anything go amiss, i
could always reinstall the old drive and be up and running). i then
installed the new 4.3 gig as the main drive, booted win98 floppy
disk and fdisk/formatted the new drive.

i then moved the drive to the 2nd ide controller and made it drive e,
put the original drive c back in for booting and started up the
system. i used win98 explorer to move all the files from drive c
again over to the new drive e (the 4.3 gig). so all my data was really
backed up on drive d and is now being moved to drive e.

it would not move the 386swap file (that is understandable).

then i removed the old drive c and moved the new 4.3 gig to the
drive c position. win98 will not boot from this drive becasue the
swap file is missing and will give a vfat error on boot.

i put the win98 boot disk in and the cd in the drive and started the
system. it went right in to doing the win98 upgrade. i ran through
the whole thing and when it was done, my system is now working
like it should. i also have all the original drive c data on drive d just
in case i need anything that didn't get moved. but it is all fine.

now the system boots and runs as fast as it should with the fat 32
and the ontrack is not on the system.

total time spent on bringing up the new drive...3 hours. you cannot
use a tape drive to put the data on the new drive until win98 is fully
running. otherwise you will loose all the long file names. ie...had i
booted with win98 disk and then used the regular short file name
tape back up, i would have been sunk when trying to access files
that had the long name. don't try this short cut, you will waste a lot
of time.

also, the ontrack overlay caused the device manager to not see the
ide controllers properly. after the conversion, the device manager is
as clean as a whistle.

please note that i have 20 years computer experience and some of
this you might feel unconfortable about doing (like moving the drive
select jumpers and opening up your computer, or even formatting a


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