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Re: [Fwd: Re: Y2K and Chicken Little]

John W Wilson wrote:
An easy way to see if your computer will work is to set it to the year
1999, December 31, 2355 o'clock, and watch it.  Run some programs, cycle
the power some, and just see if you have data failures.  It shouldn't
cause smoke to come out of the computer.

John W. Wilson, KN4HX

John, I just had the 1st chance to read the various posts on this thread
and yours for some reason caught my eyes.  I agree in principal with
your methology, however there is much more to it than what you've des-

My suggestion(s) for the above method(s) are, BEFORE you try, as follows:
[assuming that you want to use these methods]

1) No matter who's OS you are using, which computer, etc., shut down or
totally disable any TSR's you may have running in background.

2) Get out of ANY program you may be running at the time.

3) If at all possible with your configuration, make a set of back-up disks!
    This is crucial!!!

4) Unless you already have one, make an emergency boot disk!  This is
    "just in case".

5) If you run any DOS-based OS, such as Win'3.xxx or '95/98, etc., it
should work just fine - dunno about Apple or other OS's - probably not;
I don't believe that they even require this "radical surgery" :-)

a) get into DOS mode.

b) Once in DOS and you see the C:\ , type: date (in the format shown)
    and set it for Dec. 31, 1999, <CR>.*        *<CR>=enter

c) Next, type: 23:55 (in the format shown), then <CR>.*

d) At this point, power down TOTALLY!, e.g., shut ALL power off to the

e) Wait at least 10 mins., so that the internal real time clock had a
chance to go past midnight (them clocks are not too accurate :-)

f) After the wait, power up once more (cold boot) and either type in:
date (at the C prompt - still in DOS mode).  If everything went well,
It now should read the year 2000 + plus the time since it was reset.

g) If all went according to plan, DON'T FORGET TO RESET THE TIME
to "real time", i.e., the present.  (back to the future?) [see #5 c & d]

h) Don't forget to reset your programs, TSR's, etc., to your previous

i) At this time you're still not out of the woods - some programs will
never notice the time change, others may/may not.  It's dicey.
Certain orbital prediction, spread sheets, and other date/time dependent
programs may/may not lock up when run.

It IS a time consuming process to find out.  In essence as I see it,
everyone has basically two things to check:

A) the computer itself
B) The software running on it.

A label on a software box with "Year 2000 compliant" does NOT
automatically mean that in fact it will run - generally the vendor
tested the software on HIS set-up and states that "it worked" for him.

Soooooo, CAVEAT EMPTOR!  y'all.

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