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Re: Information on Windows 98

Just one data point, but I was unable to install Win98 on an older Pentium,
it was unable to handle the graphics card (an Acer motherboard), altho Win95
works fine.

Even MS Tech Support couldn't help.

But my message here is - don't try to upgrade an older machine, just leave
it the way it is and get a new machine.  Don't trust backward compatibility.


At 11:24 PM 8/2/98 -0400, Daniel R Hicks Jr. wrote:
>To those who inquired about Win98:
>I have been using it for quite a few months (I used to own a computer
>consulting company and obtained copies of the beta releases).  I really
>enjoy the operating system, and have been using the final version since
>the day it was released.
>I have yet to come across any major problems, errors, lock-ups, etc.  The
>operating system is running smoothly, and quickly.  I have definately
>seen an increase in system speed and performance, as well as its ability
>to handle resources efficiently.
>The FAT32 conversion definately increases hard drive performance as well.
> I gained nearly 120-MB on my main drive after the conversion, and the
>drive speed has increased considerably.
>What I really like about the operating system is its ability to find new
>hardware and install effective drivers for it.  So far, it has recognized
>all of my hardware, which includes multiple external modems, network
>cards, Matrox video cards, a color scanner, etc.
>I believe this operating system is a significant improvement over Windows
>95, although the overall look may appear to be similar to Win95.  One of
>the first things I did was to establish the Active Desktop, with
>one-click access to icons and shortcuts.  For the inexperienced user,
>this may take some getting used to.
>Finally, the relationship between the operating system and Internet
>Explorer is nice, and convenient.  I am a dedicated IE user, however have
>used Netscape Communicator.  I like them both, so will not take this time
>to state which is better than the other.  However, it does make for
>easier, and faster, access to folders and programs.  All files, folders,
>programs, etc. are displayed in IE windows.  And, if you're online, you
>can type in an internet url right from the Control Panel, My Documents,
>or any other window, and go right to a web site.  This feature is quite
>nice, and I use it quite regularly.
>73 de
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