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Re: Iridium Flares

Gary, not knowing just how much 'city' ur talking about, I'll have to
generalize .. if you can get somewhere where the 'light pollution' in the
sky is low enuf that you can see the stars, you should be OK ... city
lights within view of your eyeballs will NOT be conducive to good 'night
vision' ... if you have been able to see Mir, you will be able to see
Iridium flares .. by the way, if you haven't ever seen Mir, you'd best be
getting to it, cuz the visible passes are already starting to become
shorter and shorter due to the fact that we're coming into fall, and by the
time *next* summer rolls around, Mir may well be far into decommissioning
and reentry!  This may be ur last chance, and there are several good
opportunities within the next week and a half, so go to the GSOC page and
print the visible schedule for the next 10 days *now*!

Good luck es 73,   Ron   W0PN/3

After reading all of this on the Iridium flares and hearing that they are
really neat to watch and having been to the web site in question I now have
a question. I live in the city. Would it be better to travel out to an area
of less lite to observe the flares?
Gary   KD5DAY