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FT736 Power Supply

Well it had to happen...

My old trusty FT736 is on the brink of coming down with a burnt out
power supply.. All this tracking of satellites and leaving the radio on
all the time is taking it's toll.
It has not yet happened but hot smells from PCB material indicate that
there is something going awry in this Power Supply.

Looking at the PCB i have an area under two power resistors that has
indeed a charred look... Sigh guess I have to get the soldering iron

A while back we had a flurry of messages on this theme. 

1) Does anyone have the schematic of this power supply? A fax or
electronic copy would be appreciated ( +1 (650) 857 5100 )

2) Are ther replacement power supplys on the market other than service
parts from Yaesu

3) What is the approximate price of a replacement power supply from

4) What have YOU done to avoide the ft736 powwer supply to die....

Any good answer/reccomendation is welcome

Arne Luehrs

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