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Do you get Junk phonecalls too ?

Hi everyone,

This might be very off subject of Amateur Radio but close to many hearts I
know when the phone rings.

Have you ever had the phone ring at a bad moment and then found out it was
just another Junk phonecall. Well, I have even at 2 am in the morning, so I
started to look at ways to dealing with them. I have now found a couple of web
pages that might help others in their fight to stop this type of abuse.

For the UK, try this web page

For the USA, try this web page http://www.the-dma.org/consumer/    then go to
the TPS page

It is worth downloading them onto your computer as a guide to stopping them.
These will not stop them dead, but it will certainly reduce them.

Other bits from these pages that might help you too. There are links too
Topware, DTI, OFTEL, and EYP.

Topware makes a CD ROM that also includes some of UK phone directories, it
also used to have a reverse dial listing in older copies. Other one of
interest was EYP (Electronic Yellow Pages) a UK listing of companies that
advertise but in web form. http://www.eyp.co.uk

DTI is Deptment of Trade and Industry in the UK. OFTEL is the British Watchdog
for telephone companies.

By the way I am not linked with any of these companies, but just fed up of
been abused on the phone even if my phone number was Ex Directory.

Chris J. Dixon
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