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AO-10 Status

I've been away from AO=10 for a while and several of you have noted to me
that AO-10's signals are exhibiting FM'ing again.  I just listened on Orbit
#11383, MA 65 and noted severe FM'ing and very weak downlink signals.  

....this suggests two things.  First, another sleep phase APPEARS to be
beginning and, second, I have no idea where AO-10 is pointing (ALON/ALAT)
at the moment.  My last guestimated ALON/ALAT would have resulted in good
signals currently with 99% illumination, so clearly things are amiss.  I
suspect that the rotational speed is so slow as to be incapable of holding
a stable attitude heading.  Hence, we may be entering a time of "chaotic"
useful periods and sleep periods which cannot be predicted.

Stay tuned....

|                                        | 
|  Stacey E. (Chuck) Mills / W4SM        |
|  w4sm@cstone.net or sem2r@virginia.edu |

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